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Unique Detail, who have over twenty years experience in Professional car Detailing and paintwork correction.

We are a professional car detailing company based in Dunstable Bedfordshire and have a passion for perfection.

We provide a professional car detailing services for clients based in and around, Milton Keynes, London, Harpenden, St Albans, Watford, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Regularly undertaking detailing work for Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell, we specalise in Paint Correction Details, Mild Corrections & Enhancement Details, we cover all aspects of paint correction at our fully secure and fully insured workshop based in Dunstable bedfordshire, and we only offer the highest standards of work

Unique detail provides a Full range of Professional car detailing services for the interior and exterior of your vehicle, including  paint correction  details (see our latest Blog) and protection details, alloy wheel sealing and waxing treatments, window cleaning and sealing treatments, brake caliper & hub painting service,  maintenance packages and one-off bespoke details.

Unique detail can also provide Paint protection systems such as C.Quartz Finest reserve & Siramik APT, these Coatings are extremely hard wearing & very hydrophobic which means your car will be easier to keep clean and stay cleaner for longer in between maintenance washes.

Whether you’re looking for one of our standard details or a completely bespoke package, we will discuss your individual requirements and devise a suitable individual service tailored for you.

Our detailing Unit is situated 3minutes from junction 12 of the M1 and 8 minutes from the nearest railway link, a courtesy lift is available too and from the railway station, trains run too and from London every 20-30 minutes.

A Separate room is used for the last stages of waxing and sealing to ensure the correct bonding for all coatings especially Ceramic and glass coats which need infared lighting and a dust free environment.



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Lexus LC500, Mild correction detail complete & finished #Siramik APT Glasscoat


Ceramic Coatings London | New Car Detailing London | Profesional Detailing London
New Car protection detail complete and finished in Cquartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating


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Bmw M4 New Car Protection Detail complete and finished in Siramik Diamas Professionali Coating



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Brake Caliper Painting

              Brake Caliper Painting  & Wheels off Detailing

This service adds the perfect finish to any car. There’s nothing like a spotless set of alloy wheels and brake calipers to set off your cars detail

Baked on brake dust and road contaminants not only make your wheels look unsightly they also have a damaging effect on the integrity of the wheel itself.

Once serious etching sets in the problem becomes like rust and no matter what you do the problem will only continue to get worse.Unique detail remove each wheel in turn and clean all traces of dirt, baked on brake dust and iron contamination without harsh abrasives which can damage the protective finish.

Once fully dry each wheel is polished by Machine and treated with C Quartz Delux or Siramik HR Wheel sealant extending the wheels capability to repel dirt by providing a protective heat resistant layer and making it easier to clean.

Wheels Off Detail From £125


Alloy Wheel Refurbishment.

Unique detail can refurbish your alloy wheels whilst your car is in for Detailing, all wheels have the tyres removed first and the Alloys are completely stripped of paint before being repaired to an as factory finish. we can also repair Diamond cut wheels. This service is only offered as a detailing package and not a stand alone service.


Brake Caliper Painting


We have recentley been featured in T911 Porsche magazine for our Brake Caliper painting services

Unique Detail offers a brake caliper painting service and will paint your calipers in any colour you wish, as long as we have it in stock and the colour can be made in heat resistant paint, new decals are applied on request these will be clear laquered over so will remain permanent with no unsightly peeling off. we have been featured in Total 911 magazine December 2016 issue.

The Finish we achieve on our brake caliper painting service will out last that of standard finish calipers from the factory and will eclipse that of Porsche Lamborghini Maserati and all marquee models


Calipers x4 repainted from :.. Small Car £250 : Large Car £275 : 4X4 £295 There will be an additional cost for decals to be applied on average £10 /£15.. Your Hubs can also be repainted from an additional £120 per set of four.

New for 2017 Anodized red & blue colours available along with Candy Custom colours.

Maserati Calipers painted Candy Red…

Anodized Blue Calipers

Acid Green Porsche Calipers

Anodised Red Mustang Calipers

Before & afters


Below are Calipers from a Mercedes AMG which do not offer the option of Red Calipers for UK spec cars. However we do!

Finished here @ Unique Detail



Audi Q7 Calipers

Below are Ford mustang before and after pictures.

Ford Mustang Calipers before and afters

Mercedes AMG calipers re-painted from standard factory finish to heat resistant red.


Below finished in red with new AMG Decals


Below… Customer requested a colour and decal change to his Audi R8..We came up with this.


Below is after




Below are some before and after pictures of Porsche Cayman Calipers




Brake Caliper Painting | Caliper painting Milton Keynes | Caliper Painting Bedfordshire | London Caliper Painting