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Unique Detail : Maserati before & after

Maserati Full correction detail.

Here we have a truly neglected 2009 Maserati granturismo, various panels had been repainted at some point and in my opinion at some back street garage that must have let the apprentice loose with no guidance on this one.

The car was also heavily stone chipped across the front bumper and bonnet, this was dealt with by localized touch ups over the course of 5 days that the car was in with us.
Various panels have been wet sanded and the car underwent a three stage machine polish.

Below in no particular order are some before during and after photos.


Various panels had to be wet sanded due to the amount of orange peel and dirt in the clear coat, this was taken to a level to match the factory finish of Maserati.



the rest of vehicle underwent in general a three stage machine polish to remove some deep scratches



Picture below shows the stone chips being repaired, not something I enjoy as the process in getting these done correctly is very time consuming.

Onto the finished pictures, the car was completed in Siramik APT Glasscoat to include the optional 3rd stage of Diamas professionali.






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Here we have a Bmw M3 convertible that was in need of some rejuvenation,the wheels where refurbished along with the roof recolouring and protecting,the paintwork received a three stage machine.

The work was undertaken over a five day period ensuring the finish exceeded the owners expectations as he had previously been let down by someone performing a one day so called correction detail to his wifes car which is booked in with me for work in April.
Sadly there are too many of these companies popping up with little knowledge of undertaking the correct approach to machine polishing,it seems learn the basics of car valeting and become a Detailer within in a week.

I would strongly advise people to do there home work when choosing a detailer!..Pay cheap pay twice seems to be a common occorrence of late.

Wheels before sending off for refurbishment.


After the normal wash procedure which included a full decontamination and taking almost five hours to complete the car was taken in side and fully dried,the first job after removing the wheels was to cover the car and rejuvenate the roof.
The client only required the roof re-proofing but after washing and drying I decided the colour, although not badly faded, did require a slight lift to darken it up a little, I would normaly re-colour by brush on a badly faded roof but as this was not to bad decided on application through the spray gun a quicker way around things but would not advise this way on more severly faded roofs.


A few pictures below that show the general condition of the paintwork prior to the machine work.





Below are the finished shots after the machine work.



Prior to any lsp stages the car is moved to a seperate room for coatings enabling us to coat up in a cleaner enviroment free of any dust caused from the machine polishing.




Wheels looking slightly more refreshed after thier refurbishment.




A few pictures after checking the finish outside.



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Unique Detail : Bmw M3 Restoration Detail.









Paint Correction Details & Wet Sanding

Paint Correction Details & Wet Sanding

If you are looking for a faultless finish then our correction detail is what you require. The Full Correction Detail corrects major paint defects/marks and restores cars of all ages to in most cases better than showroom condition,Our correction detail is for the real perfectionist and thats exactly what we will give you!!!… Total perfection for the most discerning of clients.

We do offer a mobile service for the correction detail as long as there is off road parking and the weather is dry or you have a workshop or garage to provide us with.

Please Remember : Our detailing Unit is situated 3 minutes from junction 12 of the M1 & 8 minutes from the nearest railway link, a courtesy lift is available too and from the railway station.

Below shows swirling being removed from an Aston Martin Rapide

What Is Car Paint Correction?

Also known as swirl mark removal or machine polishing, paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish.

Paint correction can involve either the hand or machine application of varying grades of cleanser, polish or compound. The majority of work is usually done with rotary machine polishers to get the best level of correction.

Good paint correction requires a high degree of skill and concentration, but done properly, it really can transform the look of a car by dealing with (amongst other things);poor washing techniques (local hand car washes) hard water marks, etching caused by bird muck or fly squash, swirl marks, scratches and fading.

Done professionally, paint correction is entirely safe and will not cause any issues for your paint.

  • PH neutral snow foam
  • Vehicle left to dwell for 5 minutes
  • Vehicle pressure washed
  • Two bucket hand wash using PH balanced non-detergent shampoo with an ultimate 100% wool wash mitt
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Hand dried with quality Microfiber towel
  • Clay bar with lubricant (to rid any stubborn stains such as tar spots or tree sap)
  • Vehicle Rinsed down and re-dried.
  • Defelsko PDG meter used to take paint reading prior to any machine polishing
  • A 2-3+ stage paint correction treatment using a rotary machine polisher and various pads which will remove deeper paint swirls/marks, light scratches, hologramming, oxidation and marring.
  • Vehicle re-washed to remove dust and compounds.
  • Vehicle re dried using microfiber towels and warm air blowers.
  • Pre-wax cleanser applied to paintwork.
  • Pre-wax cleaner removed by dual action polisher.
  • High quality paint sealant applied
  • Sealant buffed off to leave an unravelled protection to your cars finish.
  • 2 x layers high grade carnauba wax applied to paintwork
  • (swissvax) this not only gives added protection but gives gives that high gloss show car finish and takes the car back to in most cases better than showroom finish.
  • Wheels polished by hand or by machine
  • Wheels coated with 2 layers of wheel protectant.
  • Tyres coated with long lasting tyre gel.
  • Exterior and Interior Glass cleaned
  • Exterior glass guarded with Nanolex glass guard(for visibility)
  • Exterior plastics dressed with UV protectant
  • Interior vacuumed and dressed.
  • 30 stages of vigorous cleaning are undertaken in this detail.


Prices for the Full Correction Detail are dependent on the size condition & Location of the vehicle.

Viewing of the vehicle is Prefered prior to pricing of the work.

Please call : Andy on : 07836 345854 

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The reason most people have there cars wet sanded is to remove orange peel in the clear coat,wet sanding is Extremely time consuming and not for the faint hearted in the wrong hands and without the right knowledge and equipment it spells disaster.

What is Orange Peel ?

Due to new paint technologies, many new vehicles can suffer from orange peel in the paint finish, Orange peel is the name given to a slightly rippled effect on the paint works surface that resembles the peel on an orange . When a vehicle is sprayed at the factory, the build up of multiple wet layers of paint combined with the spray guns pushing out a lot of air, cause the airstream to leave a visible rippled effect finish.Since water based paints have been used more and more new cars suffer from orange peel in the paint

Most paintwork corrections can be made with a rotary polisher but in the case of heavy orange peel in the clear coat its not always achievable so this is why we wet sand, wet sanding done correctly takes many stages of sanding before the paint is ready for machine polishing starting with 2000grit through to 4000grit sand paper you can and will achieve a flawless show car finish with a crystal clear reflections after the machine polishing is completed.

Before wet sanding can commence PDG reading are taken on each and every panel to make sure there is enough clear coat to safely wet sand the vehicle this process of taking PDG readings is undertaken through the sanding opperation,Most cars have an average of between 100 – 140 microns,removing between 7-10 microns will remove most blemishes, Orange peel, swirl marks, mild scratches, bird stains etc.

For Prices & more Info Please Contact Us…. Per Panel from £80.00